How to create a ConvertKit broadcast from an RSS Feed


Lately, I've surprised a few of my clients by telling them about this lesser-known ConvertKit feature. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely a nice feature that I think is underutilized. 

You can add your RSS feed to your ConvertKit account, and create broadcasts with the content of your latest blog posts.

This would be great for you if:

  • You're struggling to keep up with creating regular content. Sending one of your blog posts from the week might be a really great compromise.
  • You've been looking for a way to give your readers an option to have your posts "come to them", rather than them having to remember to visit or find you on social.
  • You have different client avatars (i.e: segments) you're emailing, and you'd like to send targeted content directly to them.

If that sounds like you, here's how it's done:

1. Find your RSS URL

You can find your RSS feed a few different ways.

If you're using Google Chrome, you're going to right click on your homepage and click on View Page Source. When that screen opens, hit Ctrl-F (or Command F, for Mac users) and search for RSS. The URL that comes up is your feed. 

For Squarespace users, it's pretty simple. Nothing to search. 

You're going to add this after the pageslug on your blog URL:    ?format=rss

Just in case you need me to back up, let's pause here. Your URL is: (For me, that's: Your slug is what comes after the .com/. (Again, for me, that's: So my Squarespace site's RSS feed is:

Phew! OK, we're done with Step 1. 

2. Add the RSS feed to your ConvertKit account

To add the RSS feed to ConvertKit, go to the Automations tab inside your ConvertKit account. You'll click the blue Add Feed button and paste in the URL you found in #1.


On the next screen, click the green Check Feed button. Now you should see your latest blog post pop up in a broadcast preview window. If you see that, you're ready for step 3. If you don't, something is wrong with your URL from Step #1.

3. Set up your schedule and choose your audience

Now let's set up your RSS feed settings. You have a few options here:

  • You can choose single or digest. This means that ConvertKit will assemble a roundup post of all your posts from a specific time, versus creating a broadcast for each, new post. 
  • You can choose your entire list, or just a portion of it. If you don't want to send to your whole list, you can choose to send to just a segment or tag. 
  • Lastly, you can decide to send automatically or to create a draft. If you'd like to review or edit before the broadcast goes out, make sure the send automatically box is unchecked

And here's a nice feature: If you chose to create a draft broadcast each time a blog post is added to your RSS feed, you'll receive an email (below) from ConvertKit telling you it's time to edit and send! 


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